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Working on a swimming pool for a residential or commercial site? The All Star team is ready to help! Let us make your contracting project a little easier. We specialize in shotcrete — concrete pumped through a hose and shot onto surfaces.


Shotcrete can easily be sprayed onto a variety of shapes and vertical surfaces, making it the perfect option for custom swimming pools and water features. When you need a sub-contractor that offers quick and long-lasting Shot-Crete solutions, contact us.

Lay the foundations for a beautiful water feature.

Shotcrete pools hold up to the harshest elements and are designed to last for years. Our attention to detail sets us apart from the rest. From digging the hole and laying down gravel to setting up a frame and spraying the shotcrete, we'll handle all of the foundation work for your project.

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Hire our team of experienced sub-contractors to assist with all of your residential and commercial concrete projects.

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We build strong concrete foundations for pools and other water features. Our team is ready to assist in a variety of custom construction projects.

Tell us what you're working on so our team can help you make it a reality.